Need some marketing ideas? You’re in luck. I’ve created a three-step process to getting lot’s of clients for chiropractors, and now I’m going to show you how to get lot’s of clients as well. What you’ll need for my guide is:

  1. A website (Don’t have a website? Here’s a guide on how to make a website for free, or you can hire me)
  2. Some free time
  3. Some coffeechiropractor marketing ideas

When I was writing this guide I thought about all the random chiropractic marketing ideas I could list, like:

  • Go post on Craigslist
  • Make a Facebook fan page
  • Create business cards
  • Hand out fliers

Blah blah, all the boring stuff everyone has pretty much told you to do. So I’ve decided against it, you’re not dumb, you know you need a website, you know you need business cards. So let’s not waste time talking about the obvious.

Here’s what I recommend, don’t spend time trying different marketing tactics. Do a few thing’s, but do them better than anyone else. I’m a strong believer in the Pareto principle, which in this case is 80% of customers will come from 20% of your marketing efforts. I apply this principle to my own business. I don’t have a business card, definitely don’t hand out fliers and have never posted on Craigslist. I get my clients 3 ways; which I will talk about very soon!

If you focus your marketing efforts on a bunch of thing’s you’ll never do anything well. This is common sense, but you’d be surprised by how often people try to do everything only to fail at everything.

Chiropractic marketing that doesn’t work

A lot of the clients I’ve worked with have tried all types of marketing for their chiropractic clinics: magazines, newspaper, radio, direct mail and more. Most of the marketing they’ve done has been “offline marketing”.

What is offline marketing?

Offline marketing is pretty much any marketing you do that’s not on the internet. Here are some examples: radio, print and T.V.

While most of the chiropractors I’ve worked with have had some success with the offline marketing, success was short-lived and required a lot more time and money than most would have liked to spend.

The biggest problem most of the chiropractors I’ve talked with have faced is managing their marketing. Being a chiropractor and doing marketing on the side is not easy, especially when a direct mail, newspaper or radio campaign can cost thousands of dollars and give you zero results.

chiropractic marketing

Why offline marketing sucks

Okay this might seem mean, but offline marketing generally sucks big time for small business (what I consider a small business is one with less than 100 employees) which happens to be 99.999% chiropractic practices out there.

Creating a good offline marketing campaigns is not easy. For example if you want to create an advertisement for a magazine; you need to hire an ad agency, manage them and go through a lot of designs before you find one that works. Here’s a typical rundown:

  1. Have to have an ad designed or make it yourself. Getting an ad company to create a well designed 1 page ad for a newspaper or magazine can easily cost $1000+.
  2. Pay for advertising. Creating an ad is the cheap part. Having your ad placed in a magazine or newspaper can easily cost thousands of dollars.
  3. Pray that your ad is well received and you get lot’s of clients from it.

The above process is simplified, but in general you can expect to shell out lot’s of money and hope for results.

From talking with lot’s of chiropractors here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Most don’t even know how well their ads are performing; or they “think” that their ads are performing well.
  2. Most don’t know where their customers are coming from. Since the majority of bigger chiropractic clinics are running multiple campaigns (magazine, newspaper, etc).

So what we end up with is chiropractors spending money on marketing, not sure how well it’s performing and worst of all not being able to attribute success to the correct marketing campaigns.

This sounds pretty bad, and that’s because it is pretty bad. The reasons above are why I stay the hell out of offline marketing. For my business’s I get the majority of my clients three ways:

  1. Referrals
  2. Google Search (SEO)
  3. Facebook Ads

99% of my clients come from the above. Notice anything? None of the above has anything to do with offline marketing. I stay away from offline marketing not just because it sucks, but because internet marketing surpasses it in every single way. I’ll show you how you can set up your own internet marketing campaigns and get more clients.

Chiropractic internet marketing

Internet marketing is the best way to get clients for your chiropractic clinic, here’s why:

  1. Easy to track results.
  2. Easy to scale. If something is working well you can easily spend more time and money to grow sales.
  3. Best ROI of any form of marketing (that I’ve seen for chiropractors).
  4. Not as hard as you may think.

My number #1 marketing strategy is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting your website to appear higher in the search engine result pages. Here’s an example:

example marketing


Everything within the red is an advertisement, everything within the purple is an “organic” result. Organic results are FREE. The people advertising on Google are paying about $25 a click to show up for the word “Dallas chiropractor”.

Here’s how many people are searching for Dallas chiropractor every month:

chiropractor marketing guide

The numbers above are just a few of the keywords people are searching for. You can see how much searches are done for your city by going to the Google keyword planner tool.

The numbers above may not seem very impressive, but they are. Here’s why; every single person doing a search for “Dallas Chiropractor” is looking for a chiropractor.

When you advertise in magazines, radio, or anything else the majority of people don’t care or want your service. The people doing the searches above on the other hand do want your service; and that’s why people are paying $25 a click to advertise to them.

Having an SEO optimized website is the best way to show up higher on Google, and get traffic for FREE.

How do I do SEO?

I wrote an entire guide on SEO, here’s my Chiropractic SEO guide. Follow the guide and you’ll get traffic. With traffic you’ll get customers. That’s it!

Quick Recap

  • Create a website
  • Do SEO for your website
  • Get clients!

Don’t want to spend your time on this? Hire me.

I’ve greatly simplified everything above, and in my Chiropractic SEO guide. If I made this guide too complex it would scare you away, and that’s not something I want! Since I know SEO is the best way to market your chiropractic clinic, and don’t want you to waste your time on offline marketing. I really recommend giving SEO a shot before you hire a company or hire someone to do your SEO. Having a basic understanding of SEO is a great way of making sure who you hire actually does their job well.

If you need any help with the steps above, or rather not waste your time you can hire me. If you’re interested in working with me you can contact me here.

There’s a few thing’s you should know before you contact me.

  • The minimum budget I work with is $1000 a month
  • I’m usually pretty busy, so you may need to wait a month or two before I can take you on as a client.
  • I’m an SEO consultant, specializing in the medical field. Savedbysearch is not a large company with hundreds of employees; just one guy who’s very good at marketing.
  • I’m currently living in Japan, so time zones will make talking on the phone often difficult, but not impossible.