Who I am & What I do

Hello, my name’s Benjamin.

I do online marketing for chiropractors, which mostly involves creating Facebook campaigns, doing search engine optimization, Adwords advertising and more. 

One of the thing’s I run into often is chiropractors who don’t have a website; or worse they have a website that’s designed poorly.

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Example Chiropractic Website

chiropractic website

Why work with me?

You probably clicked my Ad on Google or Facebook (or maybe a friend mentioned me!). On the way to my website you’ve probably seen companies offering web design for $50 dollars and for $5000 dollars. I’ll explain the prices. They guy’s charging you $50 are giving you a crappy, uncustomizable template with zero thought about customer acquisition. The guy’s charging you $5000 are hopefully designing a nice custom site for you, which will probably be pretty good but it’s $5000! You don’t need or want to pay $5000 for a website. How I’m different:

I’m not a web designer5-why

You might be shocked. You’ve come here to get a website made, and I’m not even a web designer! Don’t worry I’m not wasting your time.

I’m a marketer first, then a website creator

My focus is on client acquisition. What you want isn’t a nice pretty website, what you want is clients for your business. A website is just a tool to get clients. The problem with web designers is that they focus on aesthetics not what matters: getting clients.

How I can help you

I can help you by creating an awesome website that is:

  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile friendly
  • Visually appealing (No ugly sites!)
  • Converts visitors into clients
  • For a pretty great price, not $50 but certainly not $5000


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